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Teresa Borrenpohl, Friend of NIC

Teresa Borrenpohl is a Democrat candidate for State Representative, District 5B, running against incumbent Tony Wisniewski. Her social media adventures give us some insight into how the liberal/fake conservative dynamic really works here in Idaho.

  1. Note her proud support of the “conservative” candidates being pushed by Friends of NIC.

  2. See how she shares the Republican sample ballot from CDA Press and emphasizes the importance of voting in the primary?! Why is a Democrat candidate sharing Republican voting material? How weird…. 🧐🤫

  3. Oh! It makes perfect sense when you see the comments on her post encouraging people to vote in the Republican primary. She has clearly supported the left’s effort to get Dems to register as Republicans in the primary so that they can help the fake conservative advance to the general election. “Just change back on Wednesday!” #transpartisanvoters 😂

We want to thank Teresa for her service. She has really made it easy to prove what we’ve been saying all along: the Friends of NIC “conservative” candidates are no more conservative than Lia Thomas is a female swimmer, the Kootenai Dems have no shame and aren’t above defrauding voters in the hopes of installing liberals to elected office and the CDA Press is complicit.

What to do, what to do?

  1. Like our Facebook page and share our posts.

  2. Share this website with local friends and invite them to like it.

  3. Let your friends know that the real conservative candidates for NIC Trustee are Diana Sheridan, Ron Hartman and Mike Waggoner. Vote for all 3!

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