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NIC Real Estate Deal #2

Another sketchy NIC real estate deal funded with taxpayer dollars. The appointed trustees voted last night to spend $620,000 on a rundown 1500 sq ft fixer upper that Zillow currently values at $476,100!! That means the seller John Worrell pocketed roughly $143,900 above and beyond estimated market value! Elected trustees Banducci and McKenzie voted against this irresponsible spend of taxpayer dollars.

Either the appointed NIC Trustees aren’t acting as responsible stewards with our money, or the appointed NIC Trustees are making sweetheart deals with their friends. Either way, we need new NIC Trustees that aren’t involved in corrupt politics and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.

By the way, did you know that NIC student enrollment has dropped to just 4,299 students?! Perhaps the trustees should concern themselves with attracting students more than they do with making bad real estate deals……

Vote for Sheridan, Hartman and Waggoner for NIC Trustees Zone 1, 2 and 5.

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