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Fact Check

Fact check: exactly zero people ever suggested that Christa Hazel was running for Trustee. We are wondering why Hazel is picturing Brent Regan naked, but that’s her business!

Don’t be deceived by diversions, distractions, hysterical headlines, fake conservatives and fake conservative PACs.

Fact check: Friends of NIC is posing as a conservative PAC that is supporting conservative candidates.

Fact check: Hazel and her friends are selling fear. NIC’s accreditation is safe. Requirements and recommendations have been met or are in process.

Fact check: NIC’s enrollment has fallen precipitously over the last several years (from 11,000+ students to just under 5000) while staffing has increased by 130% in that same period. Fewer students, more staffers, higher salaries. This should have you wondering what exactly is going on at NIC?

Fact check: NIC’s budget is roughly $50million per year. Approximately $16.5 million comes from Kootenai County property taxes.

As taxpaying residents of Kootenai County, it is incumbent upon us all to get informed and elect candidates that better reflect community values and will be better stewards of our tax dollars.

Hazel and her ”Friends” know two things: NIC is a cash cow and controlling the education of our most promising young people is critical when pushing a liberal agenda.

We learned two things this year: NIC had a booth at the garish “Pride in The Park” event in June. In contrast, Conservative students have attempted to form a Turning Point USA chapter and been rebuffed and unable to find a conservative professor courageous enough to sponsor the club, for fear that they would be punished by NIC officials.

Hazel and her fake conservative Friends have been running the show for far too long. It’s time for new, authentically conservative, principled leadership at NIC.

Vote Diana Sheridan, Ron Hartman, and Mike Waggoner for NIC Trustees on November 8th!

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