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The enemy attempt to imitate for the purpose of deception. The libs know that they can’t win with an honest, transparent campaign. So, instead, they try to feign conservatism and plagiarize sample ballots.

Don’t be deceived. Diana Sheridan, Ron Hartman and Mike Waggoner are the only actual conservative candidates on the ballot for NIC Trustees.

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Nov 07, 2022

This is not right. Just because Regan wants his buddy does justify support for the RINO. People, Do your research and vote for those who represent Northern I doho values, not the left.


David Dennison
David Dennison
Oct 31, 2022

YOu fucking sick your far right bullshit in my home town. Nobody wants you here. We the People are sick of your bullshit. You are ruining Idaho. Get the fuck out of here before people like me finally lose their shit.

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