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Conservative Confusion

Apparently, there is some confusion over what “conservative” actually means. We’ll play this game for a minute…

The Democrats in Kootenai County may be deceitful, but they aren’t dumb. They know the facts. In the upcoming Trustee election, they understand that their 35% minority won’t get their candidates elected. Solution? Run candidates under the fake banner of conservatism and all they need to do is fool 16% of registered Republicans!

Don’t believe us? Well, believe them! They are so arrogant they don’t even attempt to conceal it! #intheirownwords #notconservative

It is critical that you share this page and our info with your conservative friends! Every vote really does count in this race!

We must elect Diana Sheridan, Ron Hartman & Mike Waggoner as NIC Trustees. The future of NIC depends on it!

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